Life is adding up on me

I need help, and I have much to say. I’ve been in the Army for nearly 2 years now. Being away from home, my family, and the people I care about sucks. I worry about them; now more so than ever with the pandemic. I can handle a lot, especially when I have my friends to seek advice from but where I am now I don’t really have any. I work in a small group (we’re mechanics) and we work a ton. We put up with all sorts of stupid and extra things. What drove me to finally seek help though, are my co workers. I’m constantly harassed and put down. As a man, as a fellow mechanic, as anything at all. I’m one of the more new guys here and at first, I was welcomed with open arms. Made to feel like I belong, and I was motivated to take on any task. As soon as my “friends” other buddies came around they all just turned on me. Degrading me and pushing every button possible to provoke me. They love to play around and act like little kids and I just don’t care for it. I just show up to work and get things done. I’m older than them and have lived life a little before I’d joined. They completely discredit me for anything I say or have done. They make me feel like I’m nothing at all. I try to explain myself, get on level ground with them or just make conversation while we work and I’m disregarded or laughed at like I’m some sort of cheap joke. I know my worth but they make me feel like there’s something wrong with me. I never provoke them, I treat them with respect, take them seriously. Because, you know; that’s how I’d like to be treated. I’m no shit bag, I work hard and come in motivated. Obviously I’m not perfect, but why do they have to shit all over something good? These kids lack any empathy and act like what they’re doing is nothing wrong. Like they’re perfect in every way. Just cause it’s the military, doesn’t mean you can just treat someone like dirt for absolutely no reason. I’m a human being man. What gives? This is reminicemt of middle school. Kids having their ‘popular’ groups. Absolutely no one else treats me like this. This has been going on for over half a year now. And maybe it sounds silly that it’s even come to this, but I really do need help. All this shit is so silly. And I can’t believe it even bothers me, but it’s so much little things adding up without end, and I can’t escape it. I’ve talked with my superiors and it’s helped only temporarily. What do I do? I’m an easy going guy who supports everyone. I never tear anyone down, even those who tear me down. But I can’t take it any more. I can’t keep living like this. I’m not going to be some worthless bitch anymore.

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Hey friend. I was an Army wife for 13 years. While I was not active duty, my husband was. He was an E-7 and lead a lot of soldiers. We witnessed a lot of this activity. And it truly sucks. I’m sorry that people are discrediting and disrespecting you.

I know the work environment can be stressful enough without adding toxicity and high school behavior. The main thing you can do is talk to a supervisor. But I know how hard it can be to do that. I think over the years my ex worked up a thick skin. Felt like it was necessary. There is a lot of childish behavior that goes on.

I’ve seen a lot of this in my ex husbands time in the military. It’s exhausting. I’m really sorry that you are struggling with all of this. ): - I wish there was more that I could say that was helpful. But I can at least listen. I was an Army wife from when I turned 19 till last year.

Sending you love my friend

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