Life is hard i cant take it

hi dan and casers im from tHE UK. when i was 5 i was bullied in primary school (kindergarden for my american friends) and i wash pushed d own some stairs and broke my knee i had to have stiches and then after that school i moved to middle school and was constantly on report which is basically getting a teachers signature all this time i was an undiagnosed autstic person and finally in 1999 i was diagnosed with apergers syndrome, but the damage was already done, today i have 0 friends in real life and only ever been with one partner, now i have depression,ADHD,my aspergers syndrome and symptoms of schizophrenia with hearing voices and seeing things and being so paranoid that after i have posted this i will be removing my browser, and my pc is locked down to the max,
ive always been a lone wolf type anyways, and just to add ive had a history of self harm and been hospitalised 2 times because of it. the problem is that my autism is uncurable which makes me depressed and makes that uncurable wish i could take a magic pill to make this go away :frowning:

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Hi. Welcome. I am sorry for whatever you’re going through. I hope it gets sorted out. I also sympathize with the symptoms of schizophrenia. I am sorry that you’ve no one to connect with IRL (In Real Life). I am glad you have tried to connect with somebody though and now you’re reaching out here.

Depression is manageable. It takes patience, awareness and a few other things to deal with it. In my experience with it though it doesn’t go away. With me it is a cycle of indifference and depression (mainly depressions with tidbits of manic sprinkled).

So I hope things get better for you. Once again Welcome.