Life is too heavy

I just can’t handle life anymore. Lately I’ve been more depressed than ever, my anxiety is through the roof and right now I’m just feeling like I need to injure myself so bad. Things seemed to get better but now the person that I thought was my safe person to talk to doesn’t give a shit anymore and I just feel so alone and worthless and like this can’t ever get better again. I’m so scared to trust people because once again my fear came true and the person I trusted left me alone. I just feeling like cutting is the only thing that will make me feel at least a little relief from that heaviness.

Hey there friend,

I know you are trying to rationalize why you should cut yourself or harm yourself, but think of what’s going to happen if you do. You’re going to feel pain by hurting yourself. Although for a split second that pain may help with the heaviness and the pain of life that you are experiencing, that is as long as it is going to last for: a split second. All it will do leave you with scars that you do not need. You are worth more than those scars. I am sorry to hear that the person you trusted does not care anymore, but you are not alone in this. It takes a lot to open up to someone, and when that someone lets you down that can be so damaging. However, one person does not define you. Just because someone hurt you doesn’t mean you have to let that hurt be a burden. And as for the heaviness you are feeling, let Jesus take some off of your shoulders, Before doing anything rash, just be still and know that there are others in this world RIGHT NOW that are experiencing the same thing you are. We are human, so we are going to feel hurt and feel pain in these ways, the way out is not through harm. It is through coming as you are to something higher, something greater that is the Jesus. I encourage you to look up Psalms 34 and 91, because those two pieces of scripture are my favorite when it comes to feeling low in spirit and how God lifts us up.

You are a treasure friend!