Life isn't fair

these days im keeping distance from people who drained me, but yet when i remember the things they did and told me, i feel so bad. why must’ve i suffer like that? i didn’t deserve those things. i was topper of my class last year and now I’m 6th and they’re above me. I wanna be happy. i often couldn’t focus on studying bcs of the things they said. who do they think they’re. today i remembered something they said and my mood became so bad. also financial problems aren’t making anything better. is my luck that bad? i ordered a headphone and one side of it wasn’t working… like why do i meet bad people and get the bad stuff? isn’t it just pure bad luck? sometimes these things make me feel like, i should have never existed.


Hi soob,
welcome to Heart Support, thank you for post, thank you for reaching out.
life is not fair, life was never fair, and life will never be fair. i think we all can relate to that a lot. people who drained
us, who drained me, what they say, what their actions and ambitions were and all of that. no one deserves that.
in school, in teenage life, when everyone is still growing, becoming more aware of what matters or not matters in
life, it is truly difficult. financials are also often challenging, especially when you are young.
i think we meet people, those kind of people, to learn about ourselves. you have those people everywhere, they
come and go. selfish and egoistic people. who are draining others for their success or well being. but i think
that is often a distraction for them. they don’t realize who they really are.
get rid of them. don’t care about them. there is one person who should be most important for you now.
that person is you. you matter most. you need to live with yourself your whole life. take care of yourself and do
what is best for you. that is a healthy egoism. look after yourself. there will also be friends and people for you, that
are caring for you, that will love you, the way you are. you are beautiful the way you are. real friends will notice that.
they will defend you, they will hold you up and stand by your side. they share with you, what you share with them.
in good and in bad times. give yourself time. one step at a time. that is what matters.
you do great. we tend to focus on bad things too often, too many things happen at one time, but there will be other
times. your journey has just began. set your footsteps into this world, and treat others like you want to be treated.
a random act of kindness, will do also good for your day. i am happy that you exist my friend. because you are here.
you share a part of your life with us. that is strong. you are loved and you matter. take care :purple_heart:
feel hugged

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thank you. i really mean it with my whole heart. i often don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about these things with my family, so what you said, really felt like what a family member would’ve told me. and you too, take care my friend♡

Oh, @soob. Your right to exist and simply be is absolutely non questionable. You are a unique person in this world that no one else could ever replace. Your story, your personality, your voice, your dreams – everything that makes you you brings a unique type of beauty in the life of those who are lucky to see it.

Not everyone has the ability to value others though. Unfortunately, many people in this word respond to insecurity and pain by putting it on others. You never deserved to be told things that would make you feel bad about yourself. You never deserved to be mocked, mistreated or disrespected. This isn’t about who you are, it’s only on the shoulders of people who behave that way.

I understand why it feels like you would just be unlucky and always receive what is wrong in life. I personally had my share of traumas, really bad encounters and people who hurt me in the past. When it’s not something that happens just once, you start to think that the only constant element in the equation is… you. But it’s not the right way to look at it, and no matter what people ever said to you, their hatred isn’t the expressoin of any truth. The shame belongs to them.

I believe you are a strong, resilient individual who’s been dealt with difficult cards. There is healing to find through these experiences, especially by valuing yourself even more, seeking self-love, self-acceptance, kindness to yourself. You deserve all the love and care you need, first and foremost from yourself. Rest assured that, right here, you are in a place where love and care are the only things you’ll ever receive. We value people. We care for one another. This world can be wild, cruel, awful in many ways, but there is no life experience that will ever define our worth in this world.

You are loved. You are needed in this world. You are not a mistake and you have so much to bring, still. Today, you’ve shared your voice, expressed your vulnerability, and that is such a beautiful step to celebrate. Just with your post, you may encourage people who will read you and are still hesitant to reach out. Thank you. Thank you for not letting potential shame and urge to isolate prevent you from finding healthy connections with other. I promise you that not everyone is going to hurt you in this life. :hrtlegolove:

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thanks micro. for telling me these things, i look forward to brighter days. and as u said I’ve found this place where you guys are so kind and loving to others, makes me feel better.:heart: