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Life of being a sad person

I want to kill myself and see how many people would care & who would cry? Do you ever wonder who would be the real ones that would feel the pain of you passing? Call me werid or whatever, but when you’re alive it’s like people in general take your kindness for weakness , it’s like I’m here but, honestly but invisible to everybody I’m really screaming inside my head… i don’t care to have attention I stay to myself anyways but can’t y’all tell theres something wrong with me??? absolutely no because nobody asked me if I’m okay I hate this shit Lord knows how strong iam but if things don’t start turning around within a month I’m going to end my life on me…


Hi friend,

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I know that probably doesn’t feel like much. But I am. I too often battle these thoughts. Even though I know they are negative. I have so many moments where I say these same things to myself. It’s a daily battle.

It always breaks my heart to see other people feeling this way. Knowing I can’t really do much more than tell you how important you are and that you DO matter. Despite the way you may be feeling. That there is a love here for you as a person.

I don’t know what all is going on, but I hope that you can find something or someone who can help you find some comfort or some kind of guidance through how you are feeling right now.

You aren’t weird though. You are hurting. You are having a hard time with whatever it is you are going through. It may be hard to see it now, but it can get better. There can be a light in all of this darkness.

We have to keep fighting. You know? Even when it feels hard or impossible. You deserve to be here. To live. To fight for yourself.

I’m sorry things feel so bad right now. Please don’t give up.

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i would care! and i am sure, a lot of people here too!

My life is the same as yours, no one realy cares about me here, where i life. you can say “i’m fine” or “I’m day”, everthing they say “hm ok”.

But we have to find our way, to make this situation better! at first, we have to work on ourselfs, i think., to feel better. Sometimes we need to make changes.

I was f.E. around with wrong people, i canceld the contact and began to life my own life.

I care about you! You are important!

If you need somebody to talk, i’m here :wink:


Hey friend, one thing I can say as I was told I was getting sent to Afghanistan a lot of people changed up when they got the news, it showed a lot more people cared than I thought. But I’m the same breath the woman I enlisted to give a better life and provide the opportunity for a family and future together told me she hopes, “You die alone in Afghanistan with no one there as you slowly bleed.” The point really is that a lot of people really do care, and you aren’t invisible. I always think I’m invisible but then some how get reminded I’m not. But there are people who care if you are alive or dead, I know every member of this community cares. Thank you for trusting this community with this hard patch. We are here for you!

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The feeling you have is torturous. You can’t ignore it. Our thoughts are like people who keeps talking to us 24/7, and there is no stopping. It takes time to not let it get to you. What you are dealing with is normal. You are not alone in this. Everyone in this community has been there also. I encourage you to keep fighting. We love you. God loves you.