Life post traumatic experience

How does one stop having dreams about a past trauma? Also, how does one learn to cope with past traumaS in general?

Hi friend,
my experience in dealing with past traumas is writing it down and talking about it. It is really good for you to get how you’re feeling out in the open, even if that’s expressing how you feel through art, hobbies, anything to get your mind off of it. But I really encourage you to talk to us about your troubles. Or talk to a close friend or someone you trust. Holding it in will only make dealing with the trauma worse.
Don’t hold on to the past, my friend. Do not let these traumas define who you are, because they don’t. You are so much more! you are a beautiful, wonderful, great, smart, kind, caring person. I’m sorry you had to deal with these things and go through these things. But friend, you are safe. I believe in you and I believe that you can fight these traumas. You are bigger than these demons and I 100% believe that you will get through this.
Love you. stay strong. You got this