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Been awhile since my last post on here, figured I’d jump on say hi see how everyone is update on me. I’ve been in therapy about two months now, and that’s been life changing in a way. My therapist is amazing. She seems to understand me very well, she is a metal head, she lets me speak freely. So I’ve learned things about myself. However I only go once a week so there six days I have to try to survive. It hasn’t been great. I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m up two days or so before I get completely exhausted and fall out, still been trying to work on my degree but I lost my financial aid so been fighting that tooth and nail. Lost my job, luckily though I was putting my two weeks in anyways because I got a better job. My relationship has been super rocky so that still sucks. This week though a very important friend from my lyounger life contacted me and we’ve been talking daily. She’s always been there had my back she suffers a lot of the same things I suffer with and we’ve been able to lean on eachother between therapy sessions and that’s been amazing. I’m still here though, I still choose to live! I hope you all are doing well and I hope your days are getting better much love family


From: kermitthefrog (Discord)

hey i feel u, im happy u are doing good and can talk to a therapist, ive been trough the same boat mostly. have a good night or day!


From: Pinecone (Discord)

hi! its great to know that your therapist is doing a good job and seems really nice! but if you stay up too long it is really bad for your health, so maybe try talking to your doctor about anything that helps with sleeping. and during those six days, if you ever feel down or something like that, contact your therapist or your friend, they could really help! and if you ever have trouble sleeping, just lie down, close your eyes, and think about anything at all! have a good day!


From: Ash (Discord)

Hello friend sounds like this is a big update. I am so glad you updated us. I am sorry you only see the therapist once a week that is a tough one and I am in that boat myself. Each and every week I fight stuff and battle to know how to deal but something that I have done is come to the support wall or to close friends. I also know that personally I have struggled to know that hey its okay to not be OKAY. You arent perfect and that is fine. I am so happy to hear you get along with your therapist it is always a struggle when you dont. As for the sleep that is extremely hard and I am so sorry you are not sleeping for like two days I do hope you discuss this with her perhaps she has some suggestions. I also do not know what you have tried but I personally love to either listen to calming music and mediate a little before bed. I try hard to do no screen time prior so that I am not wide awake to that. Perhaps trying a new routine of some kind too. Set a schedule that helps promote the sleep you need. For the financial aid that is a big tough one and has to be stressing. Just keep it up and I am proud you are finding good. Relationships will be hard but you are making it work and doing what you can. I love that you have that friend that supports you I really love those people myself.


From: Micro (Discord)

“I still choose to live”, what a beautiful statement, friend! Hold on to it, as much as possible. That’s where your heart is. That’s your inner spark, this vivid inner life of yours that’s speaking when you say this. I commend you for your resilience and your strength despite these days off therapy that seem to be rough, and despite the recent losses in your life - job, financial aid, these are pretty drastic chances that you are forced to adapt to. It’s truly admirable to see you pursuing your goals, going to your therapist, socializing with your friend (who seem to be an amazing ally!) AND reaching out here. It’s not easy, but you’re learning to thrive. I hear that you feel deeply vulnerable at times, but I want you to know that your strength is real and seen right now. For the days when you try to hang in there as much as possible, maybe it would be good to see with your therapist if you could follow a plan of activities to try during the week? Just to have a renewed goal every day, something that would help you to wake up with more motivation and excitement. Overall, I’m so proud of you for taking the steps that are needed to heal, to connect with others and to be vulnerable. You are paving the road to a bright future. Hold fast. We love you. <3

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From: j71s8 (Discord)

i am glad to hear that you have a good therapist and they can make the rocky times much better to deal with. I have had the issue of not enough availability before myself and it caused a lot of anxiety for me and i was out of work and found a job in that time. It was an odd experience. It was, for me, a much better experience having someone to have around. I know i started a sleep journal because i wasn’t able to see my therapist often, that helped me a lot. I also started a bed time routine that was as simple as a cup of non caffeinated tea of whatever type. It helped me a lot because it told my body “ok i gotta sleep”. I also learned a lot about mindfulness and the idea that things will come and go and sometimes thoughts are like clouds floating by, you are unable to swat them all away, but you don’t have to stand in the rain. (Weird way my therapist stated it). It is hard to hear about your relationship and i hope to hear better news in the future, but you are loved because of who you are. Having a friend to rely on makes life much better. Hold on to a good friendship that will blossom into an amazing one


From: TheQueerCollective (Discord)

Congrats on Therapist sessions And new job! Have you ever thought about using essential oils at night time? Could you try other alternate places for when you don’t have therapists maybe a hotline/crisis line Even if you just need a place to talk they always open to listen to you YOUR FEELING 100% Validated You have made so processes

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