Life Update to Share

Wow. So much has gone on for me lately. I started a part time job the beginning of this month, and last night I officially signed for a full time job! I’ll be starting that position on the 10th of February, and am super looking forward to it. I am nervous, because I’ll be working the part time and full time at the same time, until the contract ends for the part time one in the end of May. My new job knows and will be flexible with me, which I am super thankful for.

It’s my first full time job :3

Additionally, there’s some things in February I am excited for! (they are kpop but that is ok LOL)

Byun Baekhyun will be discharged from the military on the 5th! (I have it marked on my calendar as the night of the 4th because of time zones.) I’m anticipating him spamming us with selfies, a welcome back video (since the other exo members have done it… His should be with Chanyeol, which will be chaotic). He has said he has been working on music already, so I believe we will get announcements of music releases for him. I doubt he will do it this month but he is a professional so who knows :hrtcaseyshrug: I just can’t wait to hear his voice again.

Seventeen’s subunit BSS (BooSeokSoon) is having a release on the 6th. It’s a mini album this time! Their last release was 4 years ago and so much fun, and this one looks like it’ll be the same! I think we will get a proper music video this time, which is super exciting!


This is so cool!! I’m glad your jobs are being flexible with one another while you’re making that transition, I’m sure it’ll be a really busy time for you, so make sure to give yourself good rest in between!

New music is so exciting, especially when you have followed an artist for a period of time or even if they’re newer and you just connect with their music straight away! So enjoy all those good things!


Hi sakurasangel,
thank you for sharing. that is fantastic to read, to here from you. first of all, we all wish you good luck with
your new job, and also with your part time job. that you can be flexible is so awesome to hear, you deserve that.
when everything comes together, like in your life right now, also with your KPop thingies Music, that is so
wonderful to hear. enjoy that all. enjoy and spread happiness like you did here. like you shared with us.
thank you for that my friend. :purple_heart:
that is how life should be for us. good things coming together to explode to even better things in life.
keep us updated with such beautiful news.
feel hugged, you are loved and you matter most ! :purple_heart:

From: Dr Hogarth

Hi sakurasangel,

It’s amazing to hear you so excited about life and I’m genuinely excited for you! Sounds like you have so much to look forward to. I love hearing about people’s good news and progress, so never hesitate to keep us updated with how you’re doing.

Enjoy all this activity and excitement. You deserve every moment. x

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, How lovely to hear from you and what an amazing post. I am so proud of you and happy for your. 2 jobs is wonderful news (please remember to take care of yourself at the same time) you dont want to burn out. I wish you very well for the future with work and your Music buddies. Take care friend. Much Love Lisa. x

Woooooooooooh @sakurasangel, this is FANTASTIC! I’m so glad for you. It’s been a while that you’ve been in this dreadful process of job hunting and headaches that go with it. Here’s to another step in your life that will certainly bring lots of goodness too.

I hope you make sure to celebrate and reflect on all those brave actions you’ve been taking. It’s amazing to see how much you have grown, healed, and keep pursuing your dreams.

Enjoy all the great music and lovely social medias feeds of your favorite artists too. :stuck_out_tongue:

:hrtlegolove: :tada: :partying_face:

Glad to hear! I’m happy that you’re finally having some ups going for you. :))