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Life Update//Turned 18 years old

I just turned 18 on the 17th of July. To be honest me and my family would have forgotten if my online friend didn’t remind me that it was birthday that day. She’s been busy and I really miss her but I guess its alright.

I’m taking this opportunity to finally speak out against my mother. I no longer want to feel powerless in her presence and if she feels some type of way about it then so be it!

So I’m on this trip currently, which will be over in two days and I started to bond with my six year old cousin who came along with us. At first he was really quiet until we got used to each other and now he’s always talking to me about whatever is on his mind.

He even ditched a game of tick tack toe to just sit and watch me eat on the balcony.

His only flaw is that he is a little selfish and demanding. Like when we went to the gas station, he cried because he thought he didn’t get enough french fries. Turns out I found someone who liked fries more than I did lol

For some reason I started taking on a motherly role. If he needed something, I would help. I share my food with him if he wants some.

If he needs something, I’ll make sure to let people know right away.

He makes me forget about my problems sometimes.

When I was crying, he offered to give me a tissue.

He’s so incredibly kind, sweet, and whimsical.

I like how kids are always so carefree and loving

He has a good mother too. I love her as well. She was very supportive during the time I found out that my dad was cheating on my mom.

We both have ADHD as well as her kid. And she’s always looking out for him and his needs as a kid who is neurodivergent.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her hit him once either. And she actively discourages her husband from punishing him in that way.

I want life to be better for me. I went to the beach and it was a very healing experience. Im an inland person but my heart belongs to the sea. The waves stole my bracelet but I didn’t even care because I had so muvh admiration for it.

I found a crab while digging for seashells on the shoreline and it scared the crab out of me, TWICE

It was kind of funny.

In the future, I want to buy a house as closest as I can get to the beach. So I can always regulate and heal myself if I want to.

We’re going to the aquarium tomorrow and I am so happy and excited.

Also some people online have been saying I sound older than 18 and that is boosting my ego lol


I love all the positive experience you’ve had. I’m also glad you have another person to demonstrate better ways of being a mom.

At that age, it’s more of a developmental phase than a flaw.

That’s evidence he’s already growing beyond the selfish and demanding phase.

I’m glad you have a few people in your life that you feel good about. I’m also glad that you appreciate them.


Hey @Amaris,

Happy belated birthday. I hope this was a good opportunity to reflect on all your growth and progress too. Your entire post already shows that.

It sounds that your little cousin and his family are healthy examples of parenting and just being there for one another. It’s good to acknowledge these examples in our life and allow ourselves to be inspired by them. You too sound like a wonderful presence and friend for your cousin. Thank you for sharing this with us here. It brings a smile to my face today - gotta love the little spark of pure life like these. :hrtlegolove:

I want life to be better for me.

And you will, Amaris. You already contribute to it every single day. You grow a lot, you assert your needs, you reflect on how you feel and identify outlets or places that make you feel this essential feeling of belonging. The sea is powerful isn’t it?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacations. Take care, friend. Here’s to a new beginning. :hrtlegolove: