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Life update

It’s been a really long time sinse I posted anything on here so I wanted to give a big update. This year has deffiantly been a whirlwind as I know it is for everyone. Over the year I’ve lost alot of friends and alot of family disowned me due to political views. It made me feel extremely unloved and unwanted and put me into a huge pit of depression for a long time. As the year progress I met alot of new friends who also became family. They showed me love that I desperately needed at the time. They helped me thru my dark time and got me out of my pit of appreciation for them is infinite. I still struggle some days but it’s getting easier. I’m finding joy in the little things again and starting to pick up my hobbys I love to do again. I’m still fighting with my health and disability paperwork but I’m alot more positive about things than I was a year ago so I know things will work out. I’m really proud of myself of the progress I made . I. Almost 1 year sober from self harm about 4 months sober from alchol and about 6 months sober from pot.


Hey I’ve only been on the heartsupport wall for a week or so, so I wouldn’t have interacted with you before. BUT WELL DONE and you are so right to feel proud! Proud of all the progress and proud of choosing other things over drugs - that’s not easy! :hrtlovefist:


Wow. That is truly inspiring, @Twister. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this. It’s truly valued and appreciated. I am so glad to hear that you are now in a better place than a year ago. Having again this feeling of belonging, choosing to focus on simple joys, moving on one step at a time… AND sobriety! What a powerful combination. You are amazing and it’s SO good to see you being proud of yourself. Man, your progress is huge. And we’re all proud of you here.

Sending love your way - Keep doing great! :hrtlegolove: