Life without a Girl

For so many years I have been without a girlfriend in my entire life the ones that I want either had boyfriends or had stood me up now that i’m 35 it’s still not happening for me and all those women especially the gorgeous ones are already taken, married and has children what is wrong with me iv’e been sold out for the longest time and its getting worse by the minute and in my opinion my blood pressure has been going up as a result of not having a girl or getting laid by the most beautiful and sexy ones what should I do? Am I not good enough or what??


Dude I’m in same boat man, I graduated college stilling work late job and living parents, that is single. I gotta be real I wasn’t the best guy and said shitty thing about women. It because I wanted one so bad. I also want a girl to go for walk, talk about life and go on adventures. I’m also a virgin and bummed me out.

However, we can’t control our feelings or other people feelings. There girl out their that has same shit luck. But I feel that society shame people for being single. Like stupid movie like twilight that need someone to complete you. To me that just mess and not true.

Don’t get wrong it okay sad and bummed about girls. In addition keep on trying to find a girl. But at least one thing don’t hate yourself for it.

I think what happening people Both me and women are becoming more independent, which that is a good things. Overall, I know feeling of being lonely and wanna let you know you not alone.

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I know the feeling, almost all the person I liked or they had a couple or they didnt like me. But you know you only are 35, you have so many years to find the girl that you are waiting for, you know if you are destined to be with someone, that person will appear, so dont worry. From now I advice you to not to think about that you are single, if that is making you feeling bad and try to think in things that make you happy, lite is more than having a couple​:raised_hands: Take care :raised_hands:

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I’m sorry that you are feeling alone. However, the things you mentioned most in this post are regarding only a woman’s looks. There is much more to someone, and I hope that you look deeper than that when trying to find a partner. Looks are not the most important things, and if that is solely what is being focused on, you may miss out on someone great.


It’s hard when you are left feeling like you aren’t wanted. I have been there! I can understand loneliness. But you know what, there is more to a woman than her beauty. Maybe sometimes you are looking for the wrong things in a partner. Beauty doesn’t always mean the person is healthy or good. Maybe you should consider being more open minded. Loving people of all types of personalities and appearances. Not just the beautiful ones. It’s okay to love a beautiful woman but just remember, appearances do not define a persons value or person <3 Sometimes its good to look beyond that. You wouldn’t want someone to judge you based on your looks would you? <3

I hope that you are able to find someone that makes you feel loved, wanted and cared for.

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Man, that sucks. Living without a girl can be pretty lonely, but you can forget about your emptiness by going on a vacation, embrace life. You don’t really need someone pretty, it’s more about personality. My sister is still single, but she loves here life. You don’t always need a girlfriend to be happy.

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