Like I said

Birthday was yesterday. I spent it alone and sick all day. My two best friends forgot it… I’m still sick which also sucks and now I just feel even more alone because they were the two people I thought I could be around for at least that day :,) I don’t talk to one of them very often because she’s usually busy with other people and the other is always studying so I don’t know why I thought that day would be any different. I cried about five times and I don’t even know why. I was already feeling extra shitty lately because of other problems and this one is so small but it still hurt.


Sorry that your friends forgot such an important day. I’ve been there. I know how hard hitting it can be. For what it is worth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sending you lots and lots of love.

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That really sucks, I’m sorry that your birthday was forgotten. Happy birthday, fam! It’s really huge that you were able to do this and I’m super proud of you.
I hope you feel better soon!
Hold fast friend.