Lil peeps death and uncertainty in my personal life

Lil Peep passed away last year and I still haven’t healed at all since…he’s music makes me feel better but then I’m reminded that he isn’t here anymore… it just makes me feel so horrible… he was such an amazing person and he has impacted so many people… I feel so unworthy of life… it should’ve been me to die not Gus… I don’t know it just hurts… And everyone around me doesn’t understand why I feel the way I do… they’re like you didn’t even know him get over it man… but it’s not easy for me to let go… apart from that there’s so much other stuff going on in my life… I’m nearly done with campus and then I’m going to be seeking employment… the uncertainty of not finding any job… So Much uncertainty… how do I deal??

@Need_help2705 thanks for being honest and sharing this. I understand how this is can be hard if it’s an artist you idolised and looked too in dark times. His music will be there for you to listen too and get you through the hard times. Death happens - sadly its something we have/will all experience and it takes some time to heal. You’re not unworthy of life and no one deserves to die. When you listen to his music try and just think about the fact he’s still able to be with you today through his music to continue helping you. I hope you can find a job you enjoy nice and quickly! You’ll get better. It will get better.


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Yea sadly a lot of great artists died this year. Artists who talk about real life issues always have the best fan bases and the most dedicated, and Lil peep definitely has one of those fan bases. If J-Cole died today in a tragic way id be distraught just like you. I never was a big fan of Lil Peep but I have his song Benz Truck in my playlist. Keep your head up. I just started posting a song of the day on here everyday. You might find another artist you like. Love you ~Stylin


Hey @Need_help2705,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I felt very similarly to when Chester from Linkin Park died last year. I didn’t even know the man personally but I still felt like I did because of how I connected with his music. When you listen to Lil Peeps’ music, think of his legacy and how it comforts you through difficult times. He wouldn’t want you to be sad!


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