List Of Links For Anxiety and Depression Relief and Free Resources

Hi guys, I know all of us battle with some sort of anxiety, stress and mental health issues.To help with this I often share with people on the forums different resources that I use to help me relax and calm myself when I’m having a hard time. I am going to put these links in one place all together, so that they are easily accessible to anyone at any time in the future. I’ll add to it as I find things.

I hope that something here can serve as helpful to you. Hold Fast.

Mind Calming & Relaxing Music:

Meditative Resources:

Heart Support Links:
Be sure to join us around the Heart Support community! Both on Twitch and on Discord! Hang out with us and watch them LIVE as Heart Support offers help to those who are hurting, Dan with creative encouragement and art jams, Casey who screams music and SPK for some epic gaming and good times!

DyllonKG AKA Gooperatives:
Creating content that connects you with your mental health. Like Heart Support, Dyllon dedicates time to read and respond to posts on the support wall LIVE on stream to help uplift and encourage those who are hurting. He also is working on a series of mental health videos! Check them out!

Anyway. I hope that something here is able to help you in your day. I love you, friends. And if there is anything you feel that should be added, let me know and I’ll look into it.

Be gentle with yourselves and hold fast.

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You’re the best ily <3

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Love love love this

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@Spatgramle @taylor I’m glad someone appreciates it. I hope it helps. :heart:
And Taylor, I love you too friend! Appreciate all that you are doing!

Thank you for doing this it really helps

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A few updates and changes have been made to the links.

Love you guys. Be gentle with yourselves. <3

this is so wonderful, thank you!

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I love this!!! Thank you!

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Music helps me a lot, so thank you :slight_smile:

i try the other links by times, a good way to learn better english :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for posting and sharing this! So wonderful! :slight_smile:

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I’m so glad that you guys are enjoying and finding this so useful! That makes me very happy. I hope even in the smallest way it can bring you a sense of calm and peace.

Also updated the list with Dyllon’s latest video!

There have been a lot of people I feel these links would be beneficial to. I’m bumping this so others and newer folk can access these links.

There have been a few more links added. I hope they help.

Hold fast friends

Thank You For This, @anon17277947

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You’re welcome! I hope something serves as helpful! The “soft” playing on Pandora is kinda my “go to” to help me sleep and relax. It’s my favorite of all the playlists.

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