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I haven’t been here in ages, and it seems like I need some support. So, back in June, my fiancee came back from the military. He was released because of his focus issues (we’re trying to get him on ADHD medication). We figure we can just get him on some meds and then maybe he could go back in and finish up basic training. Well, one day while we were on the road, he got a phone call. Apparently, he is not allowed back into it for at least 4 years. Needless to say, he was devastated as the military lifestyle is/was his dream. Well, let me back up. Before we were on the road when he got the call, we had just bought a new car. Well, we didn’t have the car even a week before we had to write it off because we were in a car accident. So now, we are out of money, we are both unemployed, and have rent/bills to pay but with what? I’m severely stressed out and I have made a PayPal but I don’t know if that’s allowed. I just don’t know what to think right now.


Hi Brittany,

Wow. This is some serious times. I do not know what to say other than I’ll think of you and your fiancee’s safety and well-being during this time. It sounds like an incredibly short time frame for things in one’s life to just flip like this so it makes sense you would be stressed out. It is a difficult situation. I am hoping there are solutions to this for you, I am hoping the solutions come quickly, and I’m hoping you have ease as you transition into whatever that looks like. Keep us updated! Sincerely, Dot


From: j71s8 (Discord)

Hey, thanks for sharing whats going on, I really appreciate you opening up to us! I may not have a military background, but I have had some jobs that I really liked doing that I was unable to do after having a severe car accident. It left me with physical issues, PTSD, epilepsy, chronic fatigue and a bunch of other stuff too. This was years ago. I was unemployed, and I remain so (at least for now, I am working on that part, God’s will is not my own however). I spent the last 6 years of my life picking up the pieces of basically a fractured reality of an existence due to brain trauma and other such traumatic issues from this accident. I had moved back in with my parents and lived with them, and I still live with them even now that I’m married. We both live off of a single paycheck of a part time grocery store customer service clerk. Times are rough, and they make us crazy sometimes. I think the only think that honestly gets us through is each other sometimes. I know going to a therapist can be a great thing, so can talking it out with your friends too. But if both you and your SO are in love like it appears, you are working it out together, even though you’re stressed, take that time to find something to just have that “for the first time” moment. My wife and I will listen to that song “For the First Time” by the script because it describes a lot of times in our life both before now and probably in the future, but it is making us stronger. I encourage you to take that chance to make it grow the two of you closer by taking each others hands, saying I love you, and laughing with each other. You’re loved, you matter, and you’re cared for greatly!


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