Live Band concert

So August red burn is coming to Maine (Portland, ME) Which is 4 hours from me it’s on Feb 26 I really wanna go so bad I just didn’t know if i’m going have enough money or I don’t know if i wanna deal with the big crowd it would be AWESOME to see them if i was going go I would buy VIP ticket to meet them in person

I have a aunt who live in Kennebuckport which is 45 mins from portland so I would see if I can sleep there but I would have buy the bus tickets for there and back and then buy the band ticket just IDK i really wanna go

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@Jaceofspade GO! Take the chance, live life. Better to do things you regret than things you didn’t do at all! Some people never get the chance to go to a concert of a band they like. My favorite band was nearby, close to my birthday too, and I couldn’t go. So take this chance. That crowd is just like you, probably full of shy, socially awkward people. But that’s what music does, it brings people together.
I hope it works out for you!

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