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Living in a nightmare

I have been struggling with schizophrenia off and on since I was 10 years old,
At first when I had it there weren’t any voices bothering me at first it more like static.
Fast forward a few years later I had brake from it while.
Fast forward a few more years later my schizophrenia had gotten worse, I had voices telling me that I am worthless, you will never amount to anything, no one loves you, your ugly, kill your grandpa , you should kill myself , shoot yourself (etc).
When I would get a cold or a flu , my schizophrenia would get so bad that it felt like the whole room was spinning.
Or when my hormones were missed up my
Schizophrenia would act up ,
If I’m under a lot of stress it’ll act up.
Sometimes it would get so bad that it felt like something was attacking me.


That sounds like a lot. I can’t say I know what it’s like to face schizophrenia personally. I only know what I’ve seen people I know have gone through.

Just know that you are NOT worthless.
You not amounting to anything is a lie that your mind is telling you.
You ARE lovable.
And I hope you wouldn’t hurt yourself. Because you matter. Your life matters.

I’m sorry for the hardships you have had to face friend. Just know that here in this community you are loved and valued

  • Kitty

I know someone that has the same mental illness. But I am glad you are fully aware of your symptoms and can identify what triggers or exacerbates it. Just remember those voices are not true. And don’t let your illness define you as a person. If you need someone I am here to listen.