Living in fear!

I am always living in fear Waiting for bad things to happen. I feel like when I have a good week or day there has to be a bad day to come that will turn my world up side down. I’m always worrying about people and how they feel about me. I always wonder if friends are talking behind my back. Anxiety sucks!!! Can I just have a break from this?? Iduno what to do anymore???

I totally get where you are coming from @Mooseman. I’m sorry you are going through this tough battle of anxiety. Your words really hit home with me. I feel like I don’t deserve to have good days. And when the good days are here, I just feel like something bad will happen and the next day will be even more painful. Anxiety truly does suck and it can be so painful living in fear everyday. Just know you are not alone in this my friend.

Together, we can get through our roughest of days. It’s not easy but we can do it! It’s hard always wondering what people are thinking. I feel that most days too. I am always comparing to others which I know is not helpful but it’s hard not to.

Maybe try to go and do something today, no matter how big or small, that brings you some happiness. It won’t take all of the anxiety away but it can hopefully bring you some joy in the moment. I believe in you my friend! Stay strong!

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Hi Moose,

I understand this so much. I battle with agoraphobia so going out in the public is hard for me. I always fear for the worst. That something bad is going to happen to me, I feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable and paranoid in busy spaces. I get anxious and panic. I’m easily over stimulated by senses as I am also autistic. So going out is always such a mental drain. I was being medically treated and carried around medication to calm me when I get worked up. But I’m off all medications due to loss of insurance so it’s been a battle trying to deal with it.

I get out less.

I’m so sorry that you also deal with this. I know how mentally draining it is to not be able to just function “normally” outside. The worry of what people are thinking. What they may say. Even when there’s no reason to feel that way. It’s trapping.

I just want you to know you’re not alone. And I understand the anxiety and stress of feeling this way. I wish I had answers and advice to give you, but even I still struggle and don’t always know how to handle it. But I care for you and want you to know that I see you. That I read your message.

The best advice I can offer right now is talk to a psychiatrist about this so that they can help you best approach and treat it. So you can be more calm and less stressed when you are out and about. It’s really helped me. I hope you are able to find something that works for you my friend.

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