Living in my head

i haven’t been on here in awhile since i’ve been feeling a little better but recently i’ve been living in my head and disconnecting more and more from reality. I’ve created all of these scenarios and this perfect life in my mind and I don’t even think about real life until it happens now. Of course I can tell what’s real and what isn’t but is this healthy? To spend most of my time escaping the world and living in my head? I don’t know


Hey @echo,

I’m glad to hear that you’ve been feeling better recently. :hrtlegolove:

Of course I can tell what’s real and what isn’t but is this healthy? To spend most of my time escaping the world and living in my head? I don’t know

I guess it’s a bit difficult to respond precisely. But in any situation, when you are worried about something being potentially unhealthy to you, you can always ask yourself some questions: does it make you suffer? Is it overwhelming to you or your beloved ones? Is doing this preventing you to do things that you want or, basically, to just live? Do you feel like you’re in control with that, or not at all?

When you have concerns like that, you can always work on finding some balance, if you think it’s needed. The fact that you’re aware that these scenarios are different than real life is really positive. It means you are not just drowned in your thoughts and you can still perceive the effects or the rasons why you’re creating those scenarios. You know, it’s like when we are worried to be “crazy”/lose our sanity. The very fact that we’re worried about it shows that we’re not.

Know that it’s okay though. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not weird for that. When I tend to struggle or feel overwhelmed, I tend to live in my own mind, sometimes by imagining how things could have been, or many other different things. We all have ways to escape, to focus on something different, something more positive, especially when we’re struggling. It’s natural. But a thing that remains important is to make sure that it doesn’t become your only way to cope. Escaping, in ways that are healthy/non harmful to us, can be needed and welcomed sometimes, at least to rest. But it can’t be a solution in itself. It still has to go along with concrete actions, healthy habits/routines, moments when you are focused on life as it is - even if it’s painful.

So, in a few words: it’s not unhealthy in itself. But like everything else, excess can make it unhealthy to you and make you lose, progressively, your ability to cope in different ways.

In what you said, an important element is “to spend most of my time escaping”. Maybe this balance has to be found in the time you dedicate to it then. This could be a first start. And it can be done mindfully, day by day, step by step.

Sending love your way. :hrtlegolove:


Hey friend,

Sorry that you’ve been struggling again. But I’m glad that you feel safe enough to come forward and talk about it!

I think some disconnect can be healthy. Like, taking a step back from social media, the news and things that could feed us unhealthy emotions and thoughts.

I think writing or journaling can be healthy. Whatever that may look like for you. Whether it’s writing out how you are feeling, what you hope for or maybe just writing out some of these scenarios. It’s okay to pretend or imagine. To dream.

Maybe a healthier version of this for you could look like:

  • Writing down some of the things you hope for in life.
  • Writing down some things that you want.
  • Writing down why you want and hope for these things
  • Writing down realistic things you can do to thrive for those things.

Maybe another thing you could do that could be healthy is:

  • Writing short stories.
  • Writing down memories. Moments that made you happy and feel good.
  • Writing down some of your favorite quotes. Things you can look back on and read through when having a hard time.

I don’t think that these scenarios are completely unhealthy. Depends. Only you can really know that about yourself. But I bet there is a healthy outlet that you could turn to. Writing and journaling is an excellent form of releasing your feelings. Whether it’s fictional or not. If it makes you feel good and relaxes you. Just be sure to also set healthy goals for yourself to focus on too.