Living with family again sucks

I’m 27 and I moved back in with my mom around a month ago. I knew it would be hard but I never expected it to be this bad. I moved out becuase i needed to be on my own and get away from her, she is manipulitive and now its right back where i started a few years ago.

She doesn’t respect my space, she patronizes me, critiques what I’m eating, tells me i’m gaining weight (i know but its rude as fuck to tell someone that). she is controlling, manipultive, gaslights, and i just am going insane. I’m high risk so I can’t leave my house much so I’m spending all my time in my room, none of my friends are social distancing so I’m losing contact with them (they still hangout but I’m not going cause they are being stupid by getting together).

Honestly I just want a friend who is in their 20’s like me who I can talk to. IDK if its even ok to say that here but yeah,i"m losing my mind.

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Hi friend. This sounds really rough.

I lived with abusive parents my entire life, and it wasn’t until last year I moved out. I can’t imagine going back, it is so toxic and it would likely kill me.
I’m not sure why you had to move back, but would it be an option to try and find a new place? If it’s money that’s the concern, you could try and find a house share? That’s what I’m living in right now and it’s pretty cheap.

Is your mum someone who would be responsive if you tried to talk to her about how she made you feel? Sometimes people are blind to the fact they’re doing what they’re doing and change when it’s pointed out to them. Sadly, for me that wasn’t the case, but I know for some it has been. Even if it’s written in a letter.

I know that being high risk at this time is terrifying, I’m also high risk and I work in store, but you can still get out for walks on your own. So, if you can, try just getting out a little bit, to a quiet area where you know there won’t be people. If you really can’t do that, just spend as much time as you can doing stuff that makes you feel good. Even when she’s making you feel bad, you need to try and keep your head up and keep talking to her like you would anyone else. YOU will need to be the bigger person here. It sucks, I know. It’s just, one of you needs to be the peace keeper, and often the narcissist isn’t able to be that person.

Hold Fast

I’m finishing college right now, and not working while I finish. Course the economy is currently gone to shit so who knows if I"ll be able to get a job when I graduate. rent is free and food is free here and I’m living on debt so, you can do the math lol.