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Stuck living on parents couch for years. Not been able to get anywhere in life. Just before Christmas dad had a series of micro strokes or whatever. He got out of hospital for Christmas. Started going to work. Brought covid home. We all got sick. Dad and I are better but mom is in icu just was put on ventilator or something can’t get oxygen up. I was working on moving out quietly. Have a best friend maybe more that wants to take care of me. Help out. But man I’m struggling. I haven’t been able to eat much or do anything. No energy. Tired. Depressed anxious. Hopeless.


Hi @Lobrowatch_Fans its nice to meet you, my goodness this year has been rough on you and your family hasnt it? Is it any wonder you are so tired? You have had a virus that has taken its toll, you have watched family members go through the same and especially your Mum, I cannot imagine seeing your mum struggle like that. Everything you are trying to manage is taking both a physical and mental toll on you and im sure although you want to move out you are probably wondering what to do for the best under the circumstances.
It is so important that everyone is well and that includes you, are you getting any help from outside of the home? have you spoken to your doctor about how low you are feeling and if there is a therapist that you could talk to about the ongoing situation? I would encourage you to do that, you cannot move forward with your life if you are unwell from lack of sustenance and care. You must be kind to yourself both by being kind to your mind and your body friend that way you will be able to move forward with a happier and healthier mind and live the more fullfilled life that you deserve.
I truly hope that your parents will soon be well and that you recover your mental and physical strength too. It has been such a hard time but I belive if you take time to get some help and take good care of yourself things will improve. please stay in touch as we are all here for you at anytime. You are loved. Lisa xx

I do have a counselor. Haven’t really been able to talk to them or doc. Doc today but everything just takes forever to get appointments. I can’t stand being alone at home when dad at work. Suddenly have to take care of everything and haven’t been able to take care of myself as it is normally. Struggle to begin with before all this. Just doing simple things. Due to depression anxiety. Keep trying to pray keep trying everything right now. Just constant struggle. I was sole caregiver couple years ago for grandparents. And it broke me. And now I have to take care of my parents alone. And I am not well mentally physically. I’m just a disaster. And I’m supposed to be the rock here. Supposed to do everything. I’m adult I should be able to do everything take care of this. But I can’t. But I’m trying to anyway out of no options. No one else is there to.

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Friend first of all you are not a disaster at all, you are struggling and everyone struggles sometimes, that doesnt represent who you are its just tells you that at the moment things just are not going well for you and you are taking steps to ask for help. It is sooo hard caring for anyone let alone loved ones and to add on to that the fact that you are not feeling well yourself, I actually think the fact that you are making an effort to get help is wonderful.
It is very hard these days to see a Doctor, I don’t know how it works where you are, im in the UK and we can make appointments but the easiest way is to fill in an online form and the doctor contacts you (im sorry if that means nothing where you are) my advice would be to really push, really perservere. I know when you feel depressed its easier just to curl up and just be left alone but it really feels like right now you actively want the help so they need to help you, you deserve this help, you deserve to feel better and friend you deserve to feel happy. Thank you for doing those simple things, thank you for not giving up, not just for the sake of your parents but for you too. xx

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I’m in America. So healthcare system sucks. You can’t see doctors anymore if sick other then virtual. Thank you so much for your words. Just wish I could find more help here. Words can only help so much. I keep feeling like I’m being selfish considering both parents been in rough shape and I’m supposed to be the on taking care of them.but I want my own life. I need to get on my own feet. And I can’t handle all this. Like the world keeps trying to break me down smash me into a hole. Lol idk. Just rambling at this point. And tears me up seeing dad struggling not to cry. And he tries so hard to bury it all be the tough guy. Sigh. Hungry and can’t pull myself to eat anything more then a bit of bread. But drinking lots of water.

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Caregiving is hard, even if we’re in perfect physical and mental health. it’s a strain and it’s hard. Being an adult doesn’t change that.

Can you get nutritional drink supplements to help supplement meals when you’re tired?
It is rough, and I’m glad you’re here to try to dump some of the emotions and feelings that you’re feeling right now that you probably don’t feel like you can express in your life.

We care about you, and I hope things can improve for your mom and everyone in your family.

Any suggestions of good tasting replacement meal supplements? I’m rather sensitive to tastes.

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