Lobrowatch Fan #5

I don’t know how to love myself because everyone I’ve loved romantically decided they didn’t love me anymore because of how I look or because I got “fat”, and now that’s affecting my current relationship as I’m doubting their feelings because I have no confidence anymore.

You aren’t alone. I still struggle with this even though my s/o shows he loves me every day for yests. When I am feeling not good enough I make a list of ways my S/o has shown me I am good enough. Then of things I love about myself. Some days are better than others but small steps help

What has helped me in feel like that with relationships, is making a list and sharing it with my s/o even if you can’t say it, write it down. It helps to let them know how you are feeling and maybe even allow them some insight into how to help you

I can definitely relate to this. I have found that there are people out there who do love you for the person you are inside and the whole package. Just because you have put on weight doesn’t mean that you aren’t deserving of love and affection. I know that I find all sorts of people attractive and I don’t find a particular size more attractive than others, so I can’t be alone in that thought. I think sometimes we need to learn to love ourselves too, in order to really feel the love from someone else.