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Being intersex, and not having anyone nearby who listens when I want to not be what they labeled me

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It’s tough not having someone to talk to! But you shared it here for people to respond, and for that you should be proud. What other people say about you is a reflection of them, not you. We’re here for you and support you! <3

I understand… Im questioning tho but get called lesbian & f*ggot… My socials are at the bottom if u want them

Insta: @(two underscores).Septi.(two underscores)
Twitter: @(Two underscores)Septi(Two underscores)

You are you! The labels are their problem, and say a lot more about them than it does about you. My StepSibling came out as trans a couple of years ago! Lost a brother, gained a sister <3

If you want someone to talk to MezzaGirl#2535 Message me on Discord

You’re allowed to have these feelings! You’re not alone. I will listen to you!

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