Lobrowatch Fan# bleh

My name is Rabbit I served in the United states marine corps for 8 years. From 2009-2017. In 2017 I was wounded severely almost costing me my right arm, leg, and my hearing to an IED in Afghanistan. I lived but my best friend did not. Because of this I fell into severe survivor’s guilt and was diagnosed with PTSD. Returning home I got married to a woman that deserved way better than me. And I became an alcoholic very quick. 4 months ago I found out my wife was pregnant. And through some thought and determination I walked into an Alcoholic anonymous meeting. Where I shared my stories and cried in front of men and women who had no idea who I was. I did this because I no longer wanted to use alcohol as a coping mechanism and I refused to being a child into he world with an alcoholic father. Now I am 100 days sober. My arm and leg work. No well but they work. And I want this to be a reminder to people. A walking reminder. That no matter what life throws at you there is always a way out. There is never a check mate. There is always a move. But its up to you as a person to make that move.


You’re amazing and a true inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your story! Therapy is so difficult alone let a lone in a group setting with strangers! So much respect <3 Keep raising up my friend :slight_smile: xx