Loneliness and being 30 virgin

While hang out with my family, I always get sad for not having a girlfriend or romantic partner. I’m too mess to any grow women to deal with my shit. Can’t help to feel the pain or wanting my girl. Being an 30 virgin and living with my parents is hard. My parent want me to date what they want or sometime not want me to date at all. I get really impulse angry at women in general and resentment fuel my rage. Then I get violent revenge on people such as ex bands or girl I went on date on tinder. I know mortality or logically it wrong to do it. But my feelings get so intense, it hard to control them.

My parent want me to people they like, such my go worker that like 45 and I’m not into that age group. Another girl that had a trouble past. However some girls I like are bad news for me, so I can see why my parent want to be involve, but still my right to choose who I date. They kinda made date my friend that end up breaking her heart and it was thing I’m ashamed of.

Dating really hard, one I don’t know how to interact with women such even saying hi to them. Two Women mostly don’t like men living with their parents and that have disabilities( I’m dyslexic and autistic). My ex band mate use brag how many girls he got and that too stupid to have a girlfriend.

I feel like a lowlife all time and one teacher back in middle told me I will never have friends and a girlfriend. These words still hurt till this day. It made into a worse person. I just don’t feel this loneliness, honestly I wish was asexual or have non romantic feelings.


Man I’m really sorry to hear about all of that. Everyone says fall in love with yourself first and then you’ll find a girl, and it’s good solid advice; but in reality being single is lonely, especially when you’re more introverted.

I don’t know what to say about your parents trying to control your dating life, other than at 30 you’re too old for them to try to control. Maybe they don’t want you to get hurt or taken advantage of. No one wants those things for themselves or anytime else, but part of dating and learning is making mistakes and getting hurt. You may have to fall a few times before you can fly.

This might be scary for you and your parents, but you should consider living on your own or with a few other people. You can gain a lot of confidence knowing that you can take care of yourself.

Being dyslexic and autistic doesn’t make you stupid. It can be a barrier to people really understanding you, something they can use to make snap judgments, but those who don’t take the time aren’t really worth it. There’s a good woman out there waiting for you. It might take more years to find her, but you’re not unlovable or undatable.

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