Loneliness and Isolation

I’m not one to ever reach out for help, or vent, I’m usually the person offering it, but I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. I am not doing well with being stuck at home. I can’t separate my work life and home life. I have no real human interaction. I live by myself with only the loneliness to keep me company. My main way of moving past anxiety is to change my physical space and that is a limited option now. The thing that used to help destress (like games and streams) just add to it now because that space is now my work space.

I’m grateful to still have a job. Food. A place to live. Digital interaction. But no level of gratitude seems to be able to stop my brain from hyper focusing on the stressors in my life. I never realized how much I relied on real, tangible interactions until now. I really can’t wait until this is all over so I can get a damn hug from someone. This weighted blanket only fake it so much.


It’s hard when your work space is also your get away space. I know from experience that having those two spaces being separate is important. Things have been so crazy lately. Life as we know it has been turned upside down and it’s been so hard to adjust to the changes. Even to those of us who enjoy being home. It can feel so trapping. I’m sorry that you are facing loneliness. I can only imagine how hard it is to live alone right now. ):

Are you in the Heart Support discord?

I know being home alone right now is tough. So feel free to join the discord and connect there. A place to talk to and be a part of so you aren’t completely alone. I know its not the same as human interaction, but I think it’s super healthy for us to come together right now.

You could also join DanMakesHisMark discord. He has been doing a lot of line art for coloring pages that people can print and color. Some people have even been donating line art. Do you enjoy coloring to relax? Maybe something there could be a good distraction for you and you can share your work with us! Dan loves it when we share the pictures of his that we color! Here’s the link:

If you go to his profile on instagram he also has a link to a folder with all the drawing pages in it, in case you don’t want to join discord.

I hope that you will join us though. <3 Stay strong friend. We are going to get through this