Long time maggot my pain is hate vengefulness and

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Long time Maggot. My pain is hate, vengefulness and internal screaming but a blank, pale, emotionless face on the outside. I stay alone now, ive been alone too long to even want to socialize again, I’ve become comfortable in my misery lol


hey friend, thank you for opening up about your inner pain. to carry that deep inside you while maintaining neutral exterior emotions is no doubt difficult and exhausting. although you have found peace with the long-time loneliness, you are not alone in this struggle. your emotions and thoughts are all valid and deserve to be heard, felt, and seen. you are loved and carry immense value.


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Thank you for sharing your feelings, I get the feeling of being used to being alone and being okay with being alone but I want you to know that you are not alone in this. All of your feelings are valid but sometimes bottling it up makes you feel more isolated maybe
you can open yourself up and maybe find a way to come out of this place that you’re in
Keep going!

  • Domenica

Hi there! I’m so sorry that you’re feeling this way. I know how hard it can be to be alone, and it’s so common to not even want to socialize after not doing so for a very long time. I hope that when you’re ready to be around others again, they will welcome you with open arms and support you.

I’m rooting for you!


hey there! sometimes it feels like life has this way of trapping us in our own heads, and I find sometimes I want to put a mask on the world to avoid it. it’s tough when you get so used to being alone that the thought of stepping out feels like too much. just know that it’s okay to feel this way. everyone goes through rough patches, even if it seems like they don’t. and sometimes, finding little ways to break out of that cycle is important. whether it’s a new hobby, reaching out to an old friend, or even just going for a walk can make a difference. but no rush, take things at your own pace. your comfort and mental space matter most. also, it’s cool that you’re open about it.

sending love, cece


hey there,

being comfortable with the darkness that you are in is a valid feeling. when you’re in a place for so long, you kind of get used to it and it feels weird going back into a world where you can socialize and speak to others. however, if you need anyone, you’re not alone in this. there’s people here to support you if you need anything and we are here for you. i tend to also shrug off some negative feelings for being nonchalant, but if you need any support at all, heartsupport is here for you. sending you love.


p.s. i respect the taste for slipknot. their music is quite influential and i do believe that no matter what music you listen to, it can help speak your thoughts and feelings better than words can