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Long work days/ feeling anxious/ heel is pain alittle

Work from 6:30 am to 8pm cleaning the school bathroom, swinging floors, and doing trash. Could not had do habbits such as skateboarding, boxing and playing guitar. I have to this work day sechule till end the week.

My Achillies heel been bother me, that it get me worry cause wont be able to active. If I damage before it get back. Little injury get me stress, which that I should not. I want to skate during work break, but I could not. So I could relive stress.

My parents are watching new sources that just get me fucking anger, they are so one side and think they are right. Really after a long day, I dont want to hear about shit going on in the world.


You need good footwear, and probably a gel insole. That sounds like a really long day. What kind of breaks do you get? How many days do you work?

Is it possible to watch a different TV than the one your parents are watching? Could you stream video on your computer?

Get your heel checked out by a doctor if it doesn’t improve.

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