Looking for direction

Im a 24 years old male.
I will try to make it as simple and clear as possible. (French canadian sorry for misspell)

I never finish my high school. At that time of my life i lived with a dad who was alcoolic and bi-polar.

He never hit me, but would be abusive with is word and what not.
Now this is in no way a reason for me not to have followtrought with my highschool….

Last years I lost my dad to cancer.

He had stop drinking for a couple of years before that and we where really realy close.
I got to spend the 2 last week of his life with him, and cherrish every moment.

Now i have no school diplomat.

I can hardly see anything positive to do with my self beside smoking mad amount of weed and naping all the time…Witch is not a good thing to do all the time….

I dont know what to do to make me see life in a more possitive maner.

not that im a hunappy person…

but i dont have goal in life….no dream per say

any idea for me?

I’m sorry about your dad. I’m glad you two were able to reconcile before he passed and I hope you can find some comfort in that. I can understand a want to have had that time of closeness to have lasted longer, but I’m glad it happened. Not reconciling with someone whom we feel we should be close to can cause a lot of internal turmoil.

I don’t know if there is a Canadian equivalent to a G.E.D (there should be). I would suggest looking at that first. Also, remember there are trade jobs out there that don’t require much more than that and on-site training. Look into those as well. You’re not at a dead end because your wound up not finishing highschool with everyone else, you’re just taking your own path in life, and that is okay. Take it one day at a time and get out there.

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Hi friend. I’m so sorry about your dad. Just because you never finished school does not mean that there is no hope for you. Neither does not having a major end goal in life. Try and look at the smaller things that you could do RIGHT NOW to make a start on positive change. Sometimes we have to take baby steps in order to make the most progression and it’ll start off feeling like we’re getting no where, but with enough of them, it starts to get easier. You CAN move past this and start to find a light. Keep fighting.


Hey friend,

I’m terribly sorry to hear about your dad! :confused: The best advice I can give is to try to set goals for yourself. This helps distract you from negative feelings and to keep your hopes/expectations up for the future. Maybe try returning to high school - that way you’ll have new goals for yourself! And perhaps you’ll find your dreams and passions while finishing high school - or even in college. I wish you the best! Stay strong!