Looks like the universe is maybe done punishing me

So for anyone who has been keeping up -

My husband and I ended up agreeing to rent our house until they can get the silent title for us to close. Its not ideal but its pretty much the best solution we could come up with which would be most convenient for all parties involved.

We signed the rental agreement today and will pick up the keys after work and then finally start moving over there.

I also requested a meeting with my boss this morning. I went over with her everything I’ve been dealing with at work and home. She is fixing my work issues and has offered her support for the home stuff. She has offered to let me take time off when I need it that I can make up later rather than using PTO which is awesome, but I don’t think I will since I am off all next week.

My brother is bringing me an extra wheel for my car because I’ve needed a spare but I wanted a full sized spare, not a donut. And just a week ago we weren’t on speaking terms. Again.

So, I guess I had to weather a bad week and finally things are starting to look better. (Knock on wood). Its about time. I need a break.


Great to hear things are improving! I hope things with the rental go well for you! :]


I really don’t think the universe was ever punishing you. You didn’t do enough wrong to deserve your suffereing and the universe is a beautiful thing, I don’t think it has bad intentions for any of its inhabitants.

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