Loosing control!

I’ve had depression and anxiety my whole life. Since I started my career in hopefully my lifetime job I will retire from I have been so paranoid of what people think about me. There are certain people that try to get a rise out of me with comments and I try so hard to not let it get to me but it doesn’t work. I haven’t lashed out or anything because I don’t want it to start more drama. I’ve been keeping personal stuff to myself and trying to stay low key. But I can’t help to be paranoid people are talking about me for some reason. Should I believe myself? Alot of these people are intimidating and are always talking shit on everyone. I just wanna live my life and be happy but I’m so concerned about what people say and think about me. Anyone have any advice

I’ve had that before. I guess I eventually just stopped listening to anyones negative opinions no matter who they are. I only listen to people close to me there opinions matter and if it’s negative we talk it out. You can always ask them