Lose weight

  1. Identify a personal goal that you would like to reach. What are the changes you want to create in your life?

Lose weight.

Example: “I want to take action in recovering from my alcohol addiction.”; “I want to create a healthy sleep routine.”

My goal is… Somehow weight ~168 lbs

  1. Formulate your goal in a way that is specific and measurable. What does it look like when you’ve succeeded?
    Example: “I will reach my goal when I will hit 6 full months of sobriety”, “I want to be able to sleep 7hrs/week for at least 4 nights/week”.

I will reach my goal when… 168 lbs

  1. When do you want it to be done by? Make sure to define a healthy and realistic time line.
    Example: “In eight months, by 12/18/23.”

I want it to be done by…one and a half year (18 months)


it wouldn’t put everything in perspective but it’s something at least


Hey @diogo431107,

Well done for creating this action plan. It’s such a strong an major step in setting a new intention into your life. It’s these steps that help build momentum over time, and I hope you’ll find in this community all the support and encouragement you’ll need during this journey!

It is great to see that you are giving yourself time to attain your goal. When it comes to weight loss, time is surely one of our best allies, and you body will definitely thank you for that.

If I may ask, what motivates you behind this goal? Asking as clarifying these objectives at the beginning can also be something to come back to, whenever you’d face some obstacles on the road or need to refocus on your why.

On a different note, how would you like to proceed to lose weight? Is it about changing eating habits? Getting more active eventually? Basically, what’s your starting point at the moment. <3

So thankful you are here already and looking forward to getting to know you better! Let’s do this! :muscle: