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Losing control is inevitable?


I have a question, or a concern I guess. If I get to the point that I feel I’m losing control and every suicide hotline is busy or I get put on hold, (literally number 71 in line) what do I do then? Things just keep getting worse and I worry because there must be a point that people get to where that’s it, decision is made and there’s no going back. My dad attempted suicide before so maybe it’s just something I won’t be able to escape. Idk


@4everWarped333 I’m sorry you are in a dark season. One of the greatest things you have done is sharing here on the forum. You are taking a step of reaching out. Be proud of yourself. If you have that gut feeling of seeking help, do it! You getting better is for you. No one, but you. Thank you for reading this. Have a restful night. Peace.


Hey there,

I don’t believe that losing control is what is meant for you in this life and just because your dad attempted suicide, doesn’t mean that is what you are destined for. Reaching out here and knowing that there are resources that you can contact shows your strength and courage. You are much stronger than you know. If the resources you are able to use are not available, another place you can get support from this community specifically is the HeartSupport Discord. You can talk with others and get support and talk things out when things feel dark. We love you and are glad you’re here. Keep fighting, we believe in you!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Hey @4everWarped333

I’m Hannah, I’m an intern with HS. Thank you so much for sharing this with our community, thank you for being so open and vulnerable with your fears and concerns. Thank you for trusting us in this dark time.

I completely agree with @Hannah2911, no one is ever destined to lose control. You’re alive, you have a heart that’s beating and lungs that pull air into your body, you’re absolutely meant to be here. The fact that you reached out means that you don’t want to give up, that you’re ready and willing to keep fighting, and we are right here to fight with you, to support you in this battle.

That’s are always always always people who will talk to you in the hardest moments, there is always someone who will grab your hand when you feel like you’re sinking into the darkness. Don’t even be afraid to reach out here or on other platforms HeartSupport has. We are always here.

You are so strong, and we are here to support you. Hold fast!


Hey, I’m glad you reached out to us. If you are honestly in that type of danger I would suggest going to the emergency room. I know its scary but everything will be ok. Please stay with us. We love you.