Losing Someone Close

This past Saturday came the worst news I could have ever expected. I woke up to my boyfriend talking to someone on the phone in a very concerned/not good way.

He hands me the phone after a minute, telling me it was his mom, and when I start to talk to her, I realize she is crying hysterically and she breaks the news that my boyfriend’s dad passed away that morning.

Apparently she just couldn’t wake him up that day. He had been fine the night before. I’m so confused and I don’t understand why it has to be like this. His dad was only like 47-48. My own dad is 48 about to be 49.

We drove down to his parents house right after we found out, and it was just extremely emotional and intense. I called my own dad and make sure he was still breathing, because I felt like I was going to have a heart attack if I didn’t hear from him.

I didn’t get the chance to know my bf’s dad very much, but the handful of times I got to spend with him were really fun, and he welcomed me into the family without question or judgment. I was excited to call him my father in law one day. It’s not fair that he doesn’t get to be around for our wedding to see his son get married.

I tried my best to be a rock for them when I was there, and I am still sad about what happened, but I can’t imagine what my s/o is going through. I would be fucking devastated if I lost my dad. I just want to rewind time. I don’t understand why it had to be now.


That’s super awful to hear, I’m sorry for their loss, and for the impact it’s having on you. Loss is so hard, especially the loss of a father figure. It sucks that we don’t understand why death happens when it does. Keep being a rock for your significant other, I’m sure they need it more than ever, show them all the love that you can.

I wish you and your partner the best, and the best for their family. Much love, friend. :hrtlegolove:

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Hello Blue Jay,

I am so sorry that you are going through a rough experience in life. You are a good partner for your boyfriend. Sometimes, just being there is huge & enough. When I lost my dad, I had one friend text me every day & it was nice that someone cared & wanted to be there for me. Take it one day at a time. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:

I’m so sorry for this incredibly shocking loss. It’s never easy going through grief nor is it easy being a rock for those who are also grieving.
I wish there were more answers and we all knew what time frames to spend with the ones we love.
You are such a wonderful person to be there for your partner and his family. Make sure you also take some time to process your own grief. There’s no set rules about how someone should grieve, it’s just important to let the process begin and follow it through.

Maybe you and your partner could take some time to do something together to celebrate the life of this father? It could help him and you through this process. It could be as simple as planting some flower seeds.

I hope that you’re taking care of yourself I’m this time.

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