Losing the battle against the voices

I don’t know what to do anymore because I’ve taught the voices in my head but I feel like they’re taking control and I’m gonna do something I regret big time.

Hey Sister,
How can we help you through this rough time? Would you like a listening ear? Some advice? Just some HS loving? :slight_smile: we want to be here for you to help.
Are you meeting with any professional at the moment? Voices can become a serious danger to your health, seeing a professional would be great to help.
Have the voices told you to harm yourself? We love you and are here to help in any way we can. Stay strong!

I’m sorry. I know those voices in your head seem like they’re the ones you can trust right now but they’re not. Let the voices of this community speak louder. You are loved. Do you know about the Truth audios on the HeartSupport phone app? They’re amazing. I often forget how powerful they are. I think they might really help you.

Hold fast