Loss of my children

Over the past few days I have been doing my best to make the best of the situation life has put me in. I dont know how to lessen the pain, or where I should even begin to do so. I wanted so badly to protect them, but the whole thing was out of my control. I am not the best at writing or sharing my emotions, although I hope by following through on this I might begin to heal.


Dude, I imagine that the feelings of losing your children would be like an avalanche…your heart and dread and despair and regret and anger flowing so fast out of you it’s out of your control just like an avalanche…that’s such a brutal place to be man, I can’t even imagine. To have the most precious things to you taken away, to feel like you fought and it wasn’t enough, to feel like life has crossed a threshold, from which you can never return, and through which you never wanted to experience…I’m so sorry man. I’m glad that you wrote in here because you’re right, it allows the healing process to begin when we name our pain.

One thing I’d love to share with you is that we offer a week of free counseling…it might be good to get an hour with a counselor just to get things off your chest and have them support you. Check it out here: https://heartsupport.com/betterhelp/ When you sign up you have to give a credit card but you can cancel immediately and still get the 7 days free!

Hope this helps man. And again, glad you shared <3


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