Loss of purpose

After 35 years of dedication my employer let me go. No severance. No benefits. No hope. Ending it would ensure my beautiful wife will not lose our home or ever have to work. I think it may be the best solution. She’s always raised & held the family together. I just provided. And now I can’t even do that.

dear friend,
please do not end it. In your current state of mind it might sound plausible, but trust me it is not. The only thing you would do is pass on your suffering to those left behind. Think about the family…. At the moment you might feel useless, but that is not the case. Your family and friends they all need you and nothing about that fact has changed. You lost your job, which i understand is hard, but that does not mean, that you shouldnt carry on. At the moment you may not be able to provide, but in the future i promise you, you will.
Instead of seeing this, as a downfall, try seeing as an opportunity for something new. I know this is hard in a depressed state and i am not trying to make it sound easy. The coming time will be hard and dark, but remember, at the end of every tunnel there is light.
In the past i have been in a similar situation, where i thought it would be best for the benefit of others to take my life. In hindsight i can say i am happy i did not, and so are all the people around me. After i had coped with my situation, i opened up to my loved ones and told them what i had been going through. They were all happy and relieved when they realised, that i am still with them and will stay with them for as long as i can.
I am sure your loved ones will feel the same. They need you. So please stay with us. I believe in you.

Dear Embarrassed,
Please, don’t end things like this. Your loss of employment does not say anything about your lack of abilities, and there is always hope and new opportunities. They may not come in the forms you would expect, but being alive and ready to take on new challenges is a blessing in its own right.
Your family loves you. They would never want to lose you; you are not “just” a provider; you are a dearly loved one. Although you might go through some financial hardships, I am absolutely certain that they will not blame you and still need you in their lives, just because they care for you and would not want things to just end here for you.
I truly hope you are able to make it through this time of difficulties. Remember that there are people out in this world who are willing to help, and care for you and would help you, and that your family will be there by your side, continuing to love you. This community is also here for you whenever you need encouragement, as well.
Much love.

I am so sorry this happened to you . you will find another job .
@Embarrassed , you can still provide . the best you can do rightnow is continue being you, and show your family unconditional love. As i said in a previous sentence you WILL find a previous job and you do have a purpose .

  • Ashley

Thank you. It’s gotten better, I’ve had a few offers…

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