Lost And lonely

Where do you find love?, when you have none for yourself…

I can tell you that I love you and everyone in the HeartSupport communtity loves you. It may seem odd to say since you may not know anyone here but every person deserves to be loved and that’s what I want to give to you. If that is not enough for you, God loves you with a burning passion. I don’t know if you know him but he sure as hell knows you and he is loving you at this very moment just as you are. Feel free to message me if you want to talk.

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I suppose I should probably begin with an introduction. I’m Gunner

That’s a question I struggle with too - one that plagues me on a regular basis.
For me I have started to at least find people who care here in this community.
And my faith plays a big part in it for me too.

You are loved.


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Hey Gunner,
I’m lunaress but my full name sucks so I call myself Luna.

Finding love is always hard and you have to go through many obstacles to find someone who truly loves and cares for you the same way you love and care for them.

Self love is even harder, I like to have a self care routine, things like exercise, leaving positive messages on my mirror so I see them when I look there and so on, that’s one step towards self love.

Obviously there are a million different ways to learn to accept yourself for example positive affirmations or just talking to people.

I may not know you personally but you are loved by me and everyone here on HeartSupport!!

Love Luna :heart:

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