Lost and willing to learn

I have anger issues I worked on myself over the years but sometimes I lose it with the ones I love I really would like any advice on coping ways anything and am I the only one?

Hey there @Adtr21

I don’t have massive anger issues but what I have found to be helpful in controlling my anger is training. I try to use my gym time as a means not only to get rid of a lot of my pent up rage but also to do so in a way that benefits me.

Meditation + breathing exercises can also really help. They can force you to get to the root of your anger and deal with head on, which is much more helpful than trying to deal with only the emotion of anger (which would be like treating the symptoms of an illness without actually trying to cure the body).

Anger can be a powerful emotion and learning to control it could probably help you achieve a lot of things you might not have thought you would. Don’t give up.

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I never thought of working out I like to skateboard to thank you I mean it I hate when I hurt the ones I love and hate saying things I don’t mean I’m gonna try working out it has many benefits. I just hope I can learn and grow I don’t want to be like this

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Same. I have intense anger issues that came about from many factors. I took anger management yet I feel it might be time for a return. Lately I been threatening my neighbors. They keep getting annoyed at certain things that I do and I can’t see how what I am doing affects them so negatively.

(It comes to the point that I am demanding that they leave me alone. Like it is creepy how quiet the complex is when there are kids and everything. Though sometimes I think it is because I end up in yelling fits when my neighbors complain to me about things that I am doing. Most of it is minor bullcrap all complexes go through. If I could get my walls sound proofed I would. I just don’t know what to do anymore besides move which I can’t afford.)

Well again I appreciate all of the support I have ways to cope now and it really helps knowing there is others out there dealing with similar issues maybe if we all work together we can all help each other.