Lost beneath the surface

I have depression or anxiety or depression. I just quit my band I created over 10 years ago. I felt useless and shut out. No one was willing to listen to my ideas and they shut me out after I reached out to them. You cant take my word for it but this is a band as good as AILD, all that remains, a7x, bullet for my valentine and killswitch engage. I am so lost I have no one, this sucks so bad. Idk were to turn.

I understand how it feels to be lost, and the pain you feel from something you have worked so hard to build up being destroyed. But you are not defined by the success your band experiences. You’re not just a guitar player, drummer, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, whatever. You are much more than that; much more special and unique and you have a one of a kind skillset that exceeds beyond just music. You will be okay in time. It’s okay if it hurts; it wont hurt forever. You are loved. You matter.

Hang in there friend,

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Thanks man, just trying to find a reason.

I’m sorry my friend. I can only imagine how hard it must be to lose something you put so much time and energy into. Especially when those who were supposed to be a team with you ended up making you feel shut out.

You still matter my friend. You are still valued. Even if they left you feeling otherwise you are still important. The pain you are feeling is completely understandable but stay strong. How these old band mates treat you is not what makes or breaks your self worth.

Be gentle with yourself. I’m a stranger but I care. You are always welcome to join us in stream or in discord. If you need a space to reach out to or just hang out. We’re a community of people all trying to work together in our struggles.

You are loved

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