Lost childhood

Hi depressedstars, I read shadows of the abandoned house and did a video reply

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From natetriesagain: → Here’s the video, sorry link got cut off Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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From depressedstars: thanks Nate, the story wasnt meant to be autobiographical. the cement thing that you put is exactly how i feel with life. im just glad that someone actually hears me with that

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Thank you for sharing .

I want to say, I’m sorry you have to go through such trauma. Im hoping you are able to have clear conscience you dont have to re-live that life again. Trauma can be triggering, but with patience and recognition you will realize one day at a time you will be at peace.

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From depressedstars: thanks Daisy1985, i hope at somepoint that will happen


One day at a time, no rush.

A piece of activity a day.

Thank you for sharing.

From depressedstars: tw: ||ed, sh, psych ward||
||im just getting skinnier and skinnier i know i shouldnt like it but i do its just making me scared for myself. i cant stop wanting to sh it would just make things easier and give us something to focus on. im so scared for self that i might need to go to a psych ward but i dont want to go to a psych ward.||

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From depressedstars: heres an update on life==

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From depressedstars: i want to ||commit suicide tonight||

From depressedstars: didnt commit=============

Hey friend - I see you. If you struggles with urges to hurt yourself or suicidal thoughts, please make sure to reach out to hotlines/crisis services as well. They are equipped to help in ways that we’re not, and it’s important for us that you stay safe. You matter, friend. I understand the fear of reaching out or needing further support, although sometimes we face struggles in life that requires us to be supported more fully, and that’s okay. There is no shame in needing help.

If you would like to talk about how you’ve been feeling, feel free to share here too. :heart:

From depressedstars: i lost my uncle 12 days ago and now im not okay

I am so sorry for your loss, @depressedstars. <3 I hope you can be gentle and patient with your heard as you are grieving your uncle. Word are not enough when we have to face such immense loss in our life. I’m sending plenty of hugs your way.

From depressedstars: thank you im slowly getting through it all and im just giving myself time

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From depressedstars: i can feel all of the hugs

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