Lost family in a plane crash all of them havent se

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Lost family in a plane crash all of them havent seen a picture or video of them ever again for 15 years im a recovering addict now on suboxone but still an addict went down fentanyl road and came out now successful business owner but still an addict and havent seen any pictures of my family after the incident CASPIAN FLIGHT 7908 btw i was supposed to go with them canceled my ticket 2 days before upon escaping iran from iraq got captured by isis for 2 days barely escaped, cant count by my fingers how many times i escaped death at this point it feels like curse that im forced to stay alive idk !!this song broke me good luck guys


You have had such a tremendous journey of life in these staggering experiences. To lose all your family in a plane crash and not see any photo of them for 15 years sounds incredibly horrendous and brutal. I cannot imagine the pain and gap that must bring to you. I am so sorry to hear you have suffered such immense trauma and loss!
Anyone who has gone through such loss would try to cope with something to dull the pain-- it makes sense that you would try to ease some of that hole inside with anything else to distract you. When we feel empty, we cling to anything to try to take our focus off that gnawing ache. Survivors guilt is so real-- and to feel like its a curse that you’re still here when death has tried to take you many times would be a hard cross to bear. Maybe this surviving is creating those feelings that you’re forced to stay alive. And maybe you are “forced” to stay alive for a reason-- to find the meaning you are craving and to fill the void your family left. Maybe you are still here because you are meant to be here-- and their loss doesn’t take that purpose away. I would dare to say that you are here for an incredible purpose-- you are not here on accident and you surviving was not a curse, but a blessing. You have been dealt an incredibly difficult hand and managed to stand here strong to this day. You became a successful business owner despite all these challenges and near-death experiences earlier on in your life. You are inspiring in how you have overcome these things and continue to press through. You may not see yet why you are still here, but as your journey unfolds I pray God shows you the whys. I pray He reveals His purpose for you and you know and understand His everlasting love for you. You are here for a divine purpose and reason you cannot comprehend. Your story is miraculous not curse-filled and God’s hand of protection has been on your life.
May your story bring life and courage to others and may your life be the reason other people have hope.

Please write down your story and share it! I for one would love to read it! You are an incredible person and I am so proud of who you are and how you’ve gotten to where you are from all you’ve been through! Sending all the love to you from the HeartSupport Team! <3


Thank you for opening up to us today, you have had such a journey to still be here, and I’m very grateful that you are.

It must feel so overwhelming to look back on your and see all of the events that’ve happened and times you’ve avoided death. It truly is such a blessing that you are still alive, not a curse. I believe that you are here for a reason. You are a fighter and have an incredible story that could bring peace and connect you with so many people.

I’m so beyond sorry that you haven’t even gotten to see a picture of your family for 15 years. It must feel very isolating to feel as if you were supposed to be there with them on the flight. I am giving you all of my condolences and prayers. I know they would be so proud of you seeing how you’ve managed to continue making an astounding recovery and are the proud owner of a successful business. You have come such a long way from where you once were, you deserve so much credit for what you have managed to accomplish.

I hope that you know that you are so much more than just an addict. It is something that you are struggling with, but it is not your identity. That label is not something that you should be putting upon yourself, it is not at all who you are. If you continue to use this label, it can become a trap where you’ll always feel like an addict, or “an addict whose only been sober for a month”, “an addict whose only been sober a year”, “just a recovered addict” and so on. You have so much more to offer than this title.

It can feel as if fate is working against you, but you have free will and a purpose made specifically for your life. Your resilience is something that even I right now am inspired by. You are not cursed, you are a fighter. I’m so sorry this survivor’s guilt is weighing on you, but it is something that you are capable of tearing down. I know that you will continue to have blessing poured upon you and will continue to find peace beyond your understanding. Don’t let yourself fall into these spirals that you shouldn’t be alive, they are nothing more than lies.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, you are truly an amazing and brave human being. All of us at HeartSupport are right here for you and love you immensely. Keep being exactly who you are <3