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Lost job and struggling


I’m about to lose my job and I’m struggling with mental illness. I feel like I’m not good enough for my family, my friends, for life in general. I’m not really sure what my point is in all of this is, I just feel like I need help and support because I really hate myself, my feelings, and just everything that I’m going through


Hey @Br0315,

We are here for you. what happened with your job? do you want to talk about it?

We all feel we are not good enough but it is funny you mention all these people, but did you think about being good enough for yourself? You do not have to prove anything to anyone but to find balance within you and make yourself happy before anything else.

Jobs are a big deal, I am not going to tell you not to worry about it because I am just as attached to mine as well, but first and foremost the most important job that we all have is to be happy with ourselves, with flaws, imperfections, mistakes and everything that makes us grow and learn.

If you want to talk, feel free to pm me. :slight_smile:

All love,



I work as a fundraiser for the human rights campaign. I didn’t make quota 2 weeks in a row so they have to let me go.


MY @Br0315 … I am so sorry to hear this. I just went through 10 months of being jobless and just getting the smallest of side work for my photography but seriously keep you head up. Stay strong but it is also to be down, but do not consume yourself with it! We are here for you my friend please keep us updated!


Hey @Br0315 - I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. First of all, know that you are good enough. Goodness is subjective - your life is valuable and you are worth living. When I change jobs (i.e. lose/leave one and look for another) I try to keep my eyes focused on the excitement ahead, such as, what new adventures might be waiting for me during the next season of life. Keep your head up. We’re here for you.