Lost my best friend I’m sad

My best friend just left me. Said that the last two years of our friendship meant nothing. I don’t get why she did this. I love her and I miss her and I don’t get why everyone leaves. I feel worthless and I’m ready to give up.

Hi there, Hopeless.romantic! (^▽^)

I’m so sorry that your best friend left you and said that to you. :broken_heart:
It’s incredibly heartbreaking when someone you love, care about, and considered close to you chooses to sever ties and also says that your friendship meant nothing to them.

On top of that, you don’t really get closure regarding why they chose to end the friendship either.
It was incredibly selfish and cruel for them to “string you along”, so to speak, in friendship.

Please know that you are not worthless.
People will continue coming in and out of your life.
But people going out of your life does NOT have an affect on your worth.
You are absolutely worthy of love and genuine friendship.

You’re going to continue encountering crappy people as you continue moving along in life. And as you grow and learn from these past relationships, it gets easier to spot and weed out toxic/mean people that don’t deserve your time or energy.

And you know what? You’re also going to continue meeting wonderful people who will love and appreciate you and your friendship! :sparkling_heart:



The same … life is suck


Hey @Hopeless.romantic

I also lost my best friend a few weeks ago, but I was the one on the side of the friendship break up.

I don’t really know what to advise you. People change and life changes you. Don’t expect anyone to stay there until you get old together because you are up for disappointment. It is sad how a friendship can go on for years and then crumble in a matter of minutes. But that is life and sometimes there is not much you can do about it, but hold your head high and work on bettering yourself. There is no such thing as one soulmate as there isn’t only one best friend you get in your lifetime. In fact different friends are good for different occasions and circumstances. So as you grow and change so will the people in your life accordingly.

I am sorry about your friend. You are allowed to mourn the loss. Maybe it’s temporary and you two will work it out, maybe not. But just know that you will meet other people in life and it will not always hurt like this.

All love,