Lost my streak yet again | TW self harm

It’s frustrating. I was three weeks clean and everything had healed up so nicely. I could wear T-shirts again and while my parents surely saw the scars, they never commented on it. But now I fucked up again.

I’m glad I bought some fitness kinda sleeves a while ago, so it’s not as suspicious like wearing a hoodie in this hot weather. Still though, i was doing so good, man.


Hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease ,

I’m proud of you for reaching out here, because it’s not easy to admit things like this. I hope you know that we are in this journey with you! I’m someone who is recovering from Self-harm too and I can definitely tell you that it isn’t as easy as just thinking you have to stop and then just stopping. We need to learn new habits, new ways to cope with the reason we want to harm ourselves and that takes a lot of time and unfortunately a lot of trial-and-error. Changing habits and automatic pathways in our brains is one of, if not the, hardest thing you’ll ever do, because they go automatically. And in order to change them we need to stop that automatic process and consciously choose a different route and that is hard! We need to be consistent with stopping that process and choosing that different path, over and over again, until it’s the new automatic route.
I think you’re still doing good! You’re just learning how to get the upper hand over this addiction and that takes time and a lot of effort and I’m proud of you for doing that!
3 weeks is a long time! Now let’s go for at least 3 weeks and a day. We’ll get there! Step by step, second by second, because every second you don’t harm yourself is also a win! We’re on this journey together, friend and we’re learning what works for us and what doesn’t.
I encourage you to maybe start a diary in which you can keep track of things that work for you. That way you can see things that work for you well and repeat it in a similar situation. Breaking that automatic pathway and putting in a new line that will result into a better and healthier coping mechanism.
I hope you keep on going, because I believe we can both beat this!
You’re Loved! :hrtlegolove:



Hey Friend the Houston Heart Support team responded to your post here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S52yb_fJUSxx_19cfZ1K_HYdJ2XzX4cj/view?usp=sharing

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler


Thank you so much :)) That meant a lot to me!


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