Lots of intense anxiety

I have so much travel anxiety right now. I couldn’t sleep at all last night despite me trying. My mind wouldn’t quiet. Kept worrying about anything and everything. Things I may forget, being alone during travels, the airport, the people, being in a full plane. I have severe agoraphobia so being trapped alone in a plane with strangers for 6 hours has me uptight.

I’m running on an hour and a half of sleep.

I’m really going to miss my partner.

Oof. Just any good vibes would be appreciated. I’m so anxious I’m sick. I’m taking some anti nausea and anti anxiety so I don’t have an attack or get sick on the plane.

I haven’t been this anxious in a while.

This is going to be good though.

Deep breaths.


@anon17277947 I’m sorry you’re going through all of this right now! I have my own anxieties regarding traveling with my medical condition and I get where you’re coming from, worrying about the things you can’t control and being surrounded by so many people. In addition to all the precautions you’ve already taken, maybe you can practice some meditation on the plane/in the airport terminals? Try doing what you can get your mind to a place of relaxation or giving yourself something to look forward to like how happy you’ll be seeing your friend when you get there, making plans with them, etc. You have all the time in the world to sleep or to call your significant other when you get there. You’re going to have a great, well deserved trip friend. The travel is for sure the hard part, but it’s only a few hours and when you get there enjoy yourself!

Love you friend, travel safe and hold fast!


Dear Koyangi, my community wanted to thank you for all that you do to support those at HeartSupport and offer you some words of encouragement too:


Oh my gosh thank you! I can’t see this video yet cause my phone isn’t connected to the WiFi yet! But I am going to watch this as soon as I can get connected! :heart:

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Thanks so much you guys for such positive encouragement! It was really stressful getting there and trying to start the process of checking in, but it worked out as Alaska Airlines realized I was autistic and severely agoraphobic so they helped me check in all of my stuff and then gave me seats at the front of the plane by the premium seating so I could be more comfortable, have more space and be of the first to get off the plane instead of having to deal with the crowd.

I am ever grateful for Alaska now as they are the best I have ever flown with. Making sure I was comfortable without extra charge. It made the entire travel easier!

Hey @anon17277947

I am so so sorry you experienced this much anxiety over this trip. I deal with a lot of travel anxiety too. Mine tends to be more about things going wrong on the flight than about the people, but I still relate.

I know that you made it through, and its super awesome that Alaska was so accommodating. I am so happy for that. I was just going to share a few things that help me when I am traveling. I have/make playlist for the flight, and as soon as I get to the airport and through security and everything I put my headphones in. It helps me to ignore the people around me and to not dwell so much on the flight. I also have all of my breathing exercises and grounding techniques, for when I do start to panic, saved in the notes on my phone. I also have this blanket that I ALWAYS travel with. It helps to provide a sense of security and its like taking a piece of home with me. Those all help me through the stressful process, I hope that maybe it can help you too.

Safe travels , friend.

Hannah Presley

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Thanks Hannah! That is very helpful! I have a playlist that I’ve been listening to for the last few years. I slowly add to it. It kinda just relaxes me and I always Download it to my phone so I can listen to it when I travel. It seriously makes all of the difference! Helps me zone out.

It’s kinda been my default. I usually can’t listen to the same playlist or songs over and over for so long but for some reason, that particular playlist always works as my go to when traveling. I labeled it “Play a little song for me” lol

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