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Low on energy and I hate it


I’ve been feeling so tired recently. I’ve been sleeping well and eating well. Everything seems fine. My energy just seems to be at an all time low. I feel like I’m losing motivation to do anything for no real reason. I have interest in all of my goals and have a plan on how to tackle everything. I maybe overwhelming myself so I reduced the work I do and set aside some smaller less important goals. It doesn’t seem that it’s working. I don’t know how to Motivate myself again. Thinking about it seems to stress me out more and makes it worse.
I’m not sure on what to do or how to bring back the energy back.I dunno how to respark enjoyment in anything right now.
I’ve just wanted to go back to sleep no matter what I do. But I’ve been always relied on sleep, it was how I slowly destroyed my health when my depression was at it’s worse.So if I start relying on sleep I’m scared my depresion will come back.
It seems like just pushing through it only makes it worse, and trying to take a relaxing day doesn’t do much either, I feel like I need to do something, I’m wasting time.

I really have no idea what to do


Have you thought about going to a sleep center? Most hospitals have them. Sounds like to me that you might have developed a sleep disorder, maybe not. What they’ll do is put a bunch of wires on you and have you sleep overnight.

Within a week or two they’ll give you the results and you might find out what is causing your tiredness.


It’s possible I have had some effect I don’t know cause of my bad sleeping habits when I used sleeping almost like self harm.
I want to see all the other options as well.I also dunno if I can pay for that kind of thing right now, But I really will consider something like that.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before but if you are currently oversleeping then that does generally make you more tired during the day. I dealt with that daily when I got my first depression meds because they made me lethargic so I would sleep 9-12 hours, take naps during the day, and still be super tired. I still deal with this a little bit, but I’m hoping that if I force myself to be a little more productive during the day/“work harder” then maybe I will be super tired by night and will be able to get a good night’s rest. Also, maybe if you try excersising right away in the morning it might help wake you up a little bit. It doesn’t sound fun I know, but it doesn’t have to be going outside and running 20 miles. It can be dancing to a playlist of your favorite songs for 20 minutes, doing some jumping jacks, seeing how long you can plank, or something like that.