Lucky to be alive (TW Suicide attempt)

So yesterday at 5:30pm i tried to kms it didn’t work out it failed, I’m doing alright with my body and things like that, i’m just not doing so well mentally with the attempt that failed though.I’m glad to be alive rn. There are reasons of why i tried i was done with how my life has and been lately my Ex is making me feel like living crap and just my own mental health issues.


Hey friend.

I’m so very sorry that you’ve been going through such a hard time lately. Though I’m also incredibly grateful that you are here. It’s such a relief and so beautiful to see you writing this:

I’m glad to be alive rn.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes us to really hit rock bottom in order to be able to realize how life is precious and hold the potential for something better than the situation we’re in.

Times right after an attempt can be difficult and marked by a deep vulnerability. If you find yourself spiraling with dark thoughts again, please don’t hesitate to reach out and to use the crisis services. This world can be incredibly dark and heavy, but you belong and you hold the potential of bringing so much goodness around you. There is more beauty and peace to experience, in this life.

If you’d like to talk about what’s going on with your ex and the reasons that pushed you to attempt to your life, please don’t hesitate to share it here. Burdens feel lighter once shared in safe spaces, and you have one right here.

You are loved dearly. Take it easy this week-end. Be gentle with yourself, with your body, with your heart. You deserve to rest after what happened.

I’m sending hugs your way. Thank you for being here with us. :hrtlegolove:


Hey Micro, Yeah it took me to hit rock bottom to finally realize that life can get better it just takes time. With my Ex Gf, she is making me feel horrible bc my Gf sister has been trying to get me to do things i don’t want to do, so my ex is laughing at me for it. also dosen’t give a crap anymore if i’m alive or not.

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Hey there @Horselover200246

I am glad you are still here with us. You matter, are valuable, and are loved. I am sorry that you are having a hard time right now.

Is there any way we can support you through this rough patch?

Also, ex’s are ex’s for a reason - separating yourself from her and her sister seems to be the best thing to do.

Hold fast friend,
Zephirah / Andrea Jean

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