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MAJOR uptick in energy for some reason

Something similar has happened before where I feel so bad and I hit rock bottom then all of sudden. And then in like the next hour I have so much excess energy. I don’t think my dilemmas are solved at all, everytime i think about the pain I feel my brain tries its best to push far back. I mean I had bursts of energy but not like this. Damn not im writing this and getting sad again because im thinking about. My brain is constantly switching from topic to topic right now and im putting in a lot of focus just to write this. Hopefully after writing this I forget. Because its painful to think about my life, its painful to think about anything currently. I’m also shaking a lot and I can’t stop blinking.


Draw something! Go for a walk! Do something positive with that energy that takes your mind off thinking too hard. I’m glad things are feeling a little better than they were. Keep the positive going if you can. Stay strong :hrtlegolove: -eloquentpetrichor


When I have a sudden burst of energy I take advantage of it and clean lol. I have sever ups and downs thru out the day, so I can relate to what is happening. Just enjoy it!


Hey @Amaris,

I hope you’ve managed to put this energy into something healthy/pleasant. It sounds that you’re going through your own rollercoaster of emotions lately. A burst of energy can be very positive, but it sounds that your mind was blocking out and you’ve experienced some confusion and panic too. Is it something that happens often, with the shaking and blinking as well?

Hope you got some needed rest afterwards. :hrtlegolove:


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