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Making another leap in improvement in art and my self esteem is higher

As the title said I’ve been taking a bit more pride in art and so far my drawing skills have improved in style. While I need to work on some other things I’m happy with how it they all look! Self esteem officially raised!

^^Was inspired by this thing vv

^^Wanted to give those goopy ghost vibes like the emoji :ghost:

^^I have a fascination with drawing dragons

^^A favorite design of mine <3

^^Mouth and facial practice on muzzle

^^Wanted to make a sort of alien monster, it’s kinda inspired by the trope of those really big and bulky intimidating creatures you see in alien environments in movie that like you gotta avoid at all costs.

^^A warm-up I liked

^^Using some watercolor brush pens a friend got me for my birthday, happy with how it looked, can’t say the same for the back of the page :laughing:

^^A currently work in progress I just drew up today.

Lately my mood for drawing has been up and I’m happy with the outcome for a lot of them. It feels amazing to have a lot of self esteem for the things you do as a hobby for once.



All I can say is WOW!

Really great work!

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Wow! They all look awesome, good job!!

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Those look fantastic!

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Thank you all! : D

I appreciate it!

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Good job, @Sky-Trev!

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Oh my goodness, this is amazing! :hrttaylove: :hrttaylove: Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your art and progress! It’s truly inspiring as well. Keep it up! Your creative spark and growth are a gift to this world, and to us here especially!

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Thank you all for the kind words. been a bit tough lately but im glad to hear this from you all


Ommmg I love them!!!